The Micro Cosmic Orbit (Tao Basic practice 3 to download)


The Tao way to stay healthy

Find out how easy it is to start with Qigong! The Micro Cosmic Orbit (Orbit of Vitality) - an easy way to move energy in a circular path up the spine and down the front of the body, connecting with the acupuncture meridians, to bring sustained health and vitality. (Knowledge of Chinese Medicine)
Detailed explanation and step-by-step guided practices in sitting posture.
This Audio download includes a little pdf booklet with 10 pages.

MP3 Sound-Sample 

Features: Spoken word as taught by Qigong Master Mantak Chia, Universal Tao Center, Thailand, with Gabrielle Euteneuer.

Suitable for: Energizing/ Uplifting/ Creating more energy in yourself

    • Introduction
    • Energetic Preparation
    • The double Spotlight
    • Collecting and storing energy at the Original Force
    • Meditation 1 - Open the Micro Cosmic Orbit 28:42 min
    • Meditation 2 - Micro Cosmic Orbit 18:50 min

         Total Time 61:47

"In this meditation I will guide you through important energy channels in the human body. Practicing regularly can increase health and vitality. Our life force will be multiplied and refined, which will boost our immune system and will enhance our quality of life." Gabrielle Euteneuer


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