The Healing Sounds ( Basic Tao practice 2 to download)


A great tool to transform negative emotions into vitality

MP3 Sound-Sample 

The audio exercises detoxify the internal major organs. The frequency, which each sound creates will bring a healthy vibration into your body. Rejuvenation for the senses and the glands.Detailed explanation and step-by-step guided practices in sitting postures. Six different exercises. CD includes a little booklet with six pages.Features: Spoken word as taught by Qigong Master Mantak Chia, Universal Tao Center, Thailand, with Gabrielle Euteneuer.

Suitable for: releasing negative emotions/ detoxification/ Revitalization

Total Time 60:17   1. Introduction   2. Explanation of the sounds   3. Preparation for the exercise   4. Qigong for the Lungs    5. Qigong for the Kidneys    6. Qigong for the Liver and Gallbladder   7. Qigong for the Heart and small intestines   8. Qigong for the Spleen and Stomach   9. The Triple Warmer Sound 

"We are not our emotions, but emotions are guiding us through our life. The Healing Sounds are an incredible tool to bring them in balance. On this audio I am happy to introduce this easy to learn exercise to you." Gabrielle Euteneuer

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