Tai Chi Qigong moderate and advanced level (DVD 2)


The Inner and outer Structure

Yang Style originated from Meister Mantak Chia

Next step after DVD 1: for Beginners
Sequence of movements explained in details from and with Gabrielle Euteneuer


    1. Preliminary Exercises 14:00
    2. The Whip 04:10
    3. The Transition 02:06
    4. The Large Transition 02:37
    5. Second Part (Mirrored) 07:21
    6. Tai Chi Qigong (Complete Form) 11:52
    7. Preview of Tai Chi Form by Master M. Chia 04:54
    8. Tai Chi Chi Kung (Different Version) 03:31

Total: 50:21 minutes

" I love the warm up exercises on the DVD. Now I have a routine in my daily practice which I really enjoy. I only attended a two day Tai Chi Qigong class and with this DVD I really can continue to go through the movements. " Sarah, Auckland

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