Rose quartz Energy Egg - set of 2


Rose Quartz egg set of 2

Plus a beautiful Rose quartz heart (for a limited time, as long as stock last)!
Just arrived: Beautiful density and rose color in medium & large!
Size A and B have the ideal measurements for most Women. Be able to exercise with both sizes not only trains a good tone of the pelvic floor, but it also helps to be able to let go, to relax the muscles as well.
For most Women: These two sizes (A and B) will provide us with all the benefits the egg practice has to offer :)  

This exercise can help to improve health and vitality and strengthening your pelvic floor. 
Wake up the spice of life -  your sexuality and connect with sensuality, vividness, and joy. If you are single or living in a partnership, this exercise brings a deeper connection to yourself and in case you are in a partnership, it can deepen the intimate connection.

These Rose Quartz eggs are specially made for this exercise. A hole is drilled in the eggs.
The gemstone Rose quartz brings a deeper connection to your heart and to love yourself.

You can choose from all sizes:

A - Beginner size: lengths 4,4 cm diameter 3,4 cm (most women start with this size)
B - medium size: lengths 4,3 cm diameter 2,9 cm 
- small size: lengths 3,9 cm diameter 2,4 cm (some Women need to start with this size or it is for advanced practices)
D - extra large: lengths 5 cm diameter 3,9 cm (when you feel, that the large size is still difficult to start with)
(all measurements only approx. )
Complimentary: Rose quartz heart (length: 25mm, width 25mm, the thickness is about 8mm)

You are not sure which size is for you? Download the pdf file on the right side bar which size is best for you or email Gabrielle

The two drilled Rose quartz Energy eggs come with dental floss or a plastic string for the first use in a velvet or cotton pouch and with detailed instructions, how to use it. Two pipe cleaners for the drilled hole.
Complimentary: The Energy breast massage exercise

Precious stones from Mother Earth: Rose quartz is a crystal, and is more fragile than Jade. Each egg is chosen carefully. However rarely there might be a tiny little hole on the surface, which is nearly not able to feel (only for the small size). This is not avoidable because of the crystalline structure of the semi-precious gemstone. However, these eggs here are all safe to use. The small eggs are even more difficult to shape without small little holes. The small eggs on sale are grade B.


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