Audio Set of 3: Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Micro Cosmic Orbit


A great Qigong starter kit. These Audios are designed and made for self-learning at home.

Feature: Spoken word with Gabrielle Euteneuer

Each practice is complete in itself. The perfect sequence, how to learn would be:

    1. The Inner Smile  (Tao Basic practice 1)
    2. The Healing Sounds  (Tao Basic practice 2)
    3. The Micro Cosmic Orbit (Tao Basic practice 3)

They all come with a little booklet in pdf format with 6 to 12 pages. For more details, please go to Shop and click on each product.

Feedback what people said:

    • I didn't know anything about Qigong, but it was easy for me to learn the exercises just to listen to the audio practice.
    • I had a lots of fun to follow the instructions and meditations. Its made with playfullness.
    • I have attained a Tao Basic workshop and know the exercises, but still I love to do the practise with the audio. So my head stays empty and I just follow the voice.
    • I did listen to the Inner Smile audio in my car driving to work every morning. I felt much more relaxed and smiling starting the day like this. Now it happens by itself: the Inner Smile starts every time I sit in the car.

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