Beginner set of 3 Yoni eggs for Women - 2 in Jade & 1 in Rose quartz


for toning your pelvic floor and to connect with yourself in a loving way

Jade eggs (large & medium size) and Rose quartz egg (small size) drilled, ovoid shape, also known as Yoni eggs. Made for the Kegel exercise.

This ancient Taoist tradition is a feminine secret to self-discovery and sexual health crafted from precious gems of the earth.

This set includes three different sizes of light green Jade eggs & one light rose quartz. Start from the large egg and work your way up to the smallest egg as you progress. (Some Women would need to start from the smaller size)

The Yoni egg exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor and the immune system in the lower abdomen. They support the improvement of health and vitality.

The order includes three Jade eggs:

A - Beginner size: Jade - lengths 4,5 cm diameter 3,6 cm (most women start with this size)
B - Medium size: Jade - lengths 4,5 cm diameter 2,7 cm (this might be the size, which you will practice the most)
- Small size: Rose quartz - lengths 3,8 cm diameter 2,4 cm (some Women need to start with this size or for advanced practice)

They come with 2 pouches, detailed instructions and two pipe cleaners for the drilled hole. The eggs will arrive with dental floss or a plastic string for the first use and you can see, how to floss it for the next time

Complimentary: The Energy breast massage exercise. FREE Shipping over $95 (rural delivery untracked or tracked for $3 only).

NZD $ 115

Ultimate beginner set of 3 yoni eggs

The Water Jade energy eggs have a good density and are nice smooth. Carefully we select the eggs, which we send. We send all orders discreetly.

In Christchurch, you can pick up your order and you are able to choose your egg. Contact me, in case you want to see the different gemstones.

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