About Gabrielle

Welcome to my online shop.
I am Gabrielle and I am a teacher of the ancient taoist practices since more than 25 years. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and teach seminars and retreats internationally. With this shop I like to provide helpful tools for your Tao, Qigong or Tai Chi practice.

Beside the DVD's and Audio-downloads for Tai Chi and Qigong, I offer the magic "Yoni eggs" for Women. I know this wonderful energy egg exercise since more than 30 years. I started selling the energy eggs on my Women workshops and since 2003 I have an Online Shop and selling the taoist products in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand. Here in New Zealand I am very thrilled seeing more and more women are interested in the "Jade egg exercise". This ancient practice from the female taoist tradition helped so many women to empower their lives and their sexuality.

Over the years I have now the perfect providers to be able to offer women a genuine, beautiful product! The density of the stone is important and that the semi precious gemstones are specially made for this practice is vital!

My passion is to offer the very best products for you!
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With much warmth, Gabrielle