The Inner Smile and the Gemstone Egg

The benefits of the jade egg practice are both physical and mental. To increase all the positive effects, I suggest you get to know your precious egg intimately. The moon and sun light will cleanse the energy egg energetically* and will bring different qualities into it.

After you have followed the instructions of the Jade egg pamphlet, which comes with your egg, place your yoni egg:

  • in the moonlight to absorb the feminine (receptive, calm, present) energy
  • in the sunlight to absorb the sun’s golden frequency
for at least 2 hours, better still, throughout the whole night or day.

The Power of Inner Smile Practice
Sit relaxed in a meditation posture, holding your egg in your hands and smile into your heart. Smile to your heart like you smile at your best friend. Do you feel your heart beat? Breathe into your lower abdomen in a relaxed manner.
Now bring your yoni stone close to your heart and breasts.
Smiling into your heart wakes up the warmth, love and gratitude. Let your heart overflow with warmth and joy, and let it flow into your jade or rose-quartz egg.

You can do this a few times until you feel ready to insert it into your yoni. Follow the instructions on your egg pamphlet. Imagine your healing egg radiating gold or silver light into your lower abdomen right down to the pelvic floor.

The sun-bathed egg brings warmth and golden light into your vagina. It is like a sunrise in your lower abdomen. This can help to heal traumas in our sexual organs and glands.
The moonlight-bathed egg brings silver light into your vagina, ovaries, womb and pelvic floor. The moon light brings calming, gentle energy and helps awaken the femininity in you. (More about full moon, half-moon in the next blog)

To strengthen the practice even more, sit in the moonlight or sit in the shade and imagine you are absorbing the frequencies and golden or silver light directly into your skin. If you wish to sit in direct sunlight, do so only at sunrise or sunset.

To finish the practice: After you have sat for 5 to 30 minutes you can lie down, still holding the egg close to your bosom and commence the egg practice or just rest, fall asleep and have a power nap.

*neutralising the egg from unwanted energies

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