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How to choose the right size:

For most Women the goal is to be able to work with the large and medium size. When a Woman has a weak pelvic floor, she is not able to hold the medium size egg easily. So she would start with the large size and in the laying down posture. The goal is to be able to hold smaller eggs with the time. Most Women, who want to do the egg exercise, belong to this group.

For all three beginner groups: The egg trains our body to be able to get a healthy tone and also to be able to let go and relax these muscles as well. A good tone is what makes for better sex and a healthier pelvis, however, when we use the word “tone” don’t focus on to be super tight muscles, but the type of muscle that has strength, resilience and flexibility. The ability to “melt” your pelvic floor is essential to pleasure!

1 - The large size is about up to 4,5 cm diameter. The length is not so important. It’s the diameter where we Women will feel the most difference. The extra large size, which is about 5cm diameter, is for Women, who feel, that the large egg is still too small to hold or to feel. So extra large is not a goal, it is a beginner size and here the goal like for the large size is to practice until you can go to the smaller sizes.

2 - The medium size is for Women who feel that their muscle tone of the pelvic floor is not too bad, but can be improved. Or when you feel/think that 4,5 seems huge and scary - trust your judgment and start with the medium size. In case you bought the medium size and find out that you actually should start with the large size (because the medium size is too difficult to hold or you can’t feel it at all. Ladies, this is normal, specially, when you have given birth through the birth channel. You are the “normal” Woman. Still you didn’t invest in the wrong egg. Buy the large size and later you want to come back to this size again. The medium size is going to be your goal! So all fine.

3 - The small size: Still there is another group of Women, who want to do the egg exercise and need to start with the small size. Some Women have a too strong tone of the pelvic floor and want to learn to relax, to open up and let go …..

A - A too strong tone of pelvic floor muscles can prevent us to enjoy sex and to experience the wonder of orgasms. It might come from excessive sport or trauma or vaginismus (painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure, especially during sexual intercourse).

In case you are still not sure, if you actually need this exercise. Here is more info:

1 - Do you leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or engaged in activity? This means, it’s a good idea to start with the energy egg exercise.

2 - Here a test: The next time we you need to go to the toilet push out the water with force and then stop (ONLY once!). After you stopped ONCE push out the rest of the urine. We want to make sure, that we don’t cause a bladder infection. (No problem, just when you do this once or twice, when this becomes a habit it will cause a problem). What happens, when you stopped?

  1. Was the urine still dripping?
  2. Did it make not much difference?
  3. Did the flow stop completely?

In case it’s a) or b) it means your pelvic floor would benefit from the exercise. In case your answer is c) Either it’s all-great in balance and in case your sex life is harmonious too, then you don’t need this exercise. Still you might REALLY like it as a sensual stimulant. It’s good for your hormones as well. Or you belong to the Women group who will start with the small size.

B - Postmenopausal* women, who don’t have had intercourse for months/years, might find themselves in this group of starting with a small size. When the hormones change after menopause our body changes as well. The natural lubrication in the Vagina gets less and the entrance of the Vagina might tighten/close when Women don’t experience penetration regularly.

In case you find yourself in A or B I recommend starting with the smallest size and learning to be able to relax through the energy egg practice. And the goal would be to be able to use the medium size with ease. Important here: Don’t force it, be gentle, loving and caring to yourself. Working with the small size is just fine.

C - The experienced practitioner: You worked with the medium and large size and feel the tone around your vagina channel is good. You can squeeze these muscles and were able to move the medium size egg up and down. Now you like another challenge: Get the small size.

* Postmenopause is defined as the time after menopause. Technically, a woman is postmenopausal from the moment menopause occurs until the end of her life.
Differences between postmenopause and menopause: Doctors define menopause as a single moment when a woman has not menstruated for 12 whole months. After this point, a woman is postmenopausal.
Average age of postmenopause: Of course, all women experience changes differently, and therefore the age-range of when women first become postmenopausal is great. Natural postmenopause (as opposed to induced) usually begins in women between their late 40s to early 60s.

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