Jade Egg Ritual - The sensual bath

This is a beautiful healing ritual for Winter

      • Have a date with yourself. Make sure you don't get disturbed

      • Create a loving atmosphere in your bath room. Spoil your senses. Eyes: Have a soft light or ideally use candles. Nose: essential oil (100% pure only) diluted with water on an oil burner is magic or use it in the bath. Ears: relaxing music in the back ground. Not essential, but nice: Mouth: Cut an orange or another fruit you love on a beautiful plate and place it beside the bath. Sense of touch: Let the water run into the bath, ad bubbles or essential oils (only 100% natural)

      • Your Energy Egg: String your egg with the dental floss. Your egg is ready, when you used your egg before and followed the cleaning instruction and placed it into the pouch. There is no need to clean the egg again before you use it. Otherwise follow the instruction. Place the egg close to the bathtub.

      • Now you are ready for the bath! Lay relaxed in the bath and absorb with all your senses: Listen to soothing music, breathe relaxed and unwind.....

        In this nourishing environment insert your egg. Lift your hips and move the egg towards the cervix. Relax your hips, sink down into the warm water and relax your muscles completely. Let the energy egg sink towards the vagina lips.

        IMPORTANT: Don't push it, just relax the muscles, so when you gently pull on the string the egg will come towards the entrance. Squeeze again. Can you feel, that your egg comes more towards your cervix? Then relax again. Do this 2 more times. You can leave the egg in and enjoy the bath. Take as much time as you like.......
      • When you finished wash the egg under running water, follow the instructions how to clean it and place it back into the pouch. Now it's ready for the next time :)

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