House work

Housework needs to be done. The dishes need to be washed, the floor needs to be mopped and the trash needs to be taken out.

This can be a boring, mundane way to spend your free time, or you can take the opportunity to have a little fun with your Jade Egg :-)

Put on your favourite dance music and pop your egg in your yoni. Jump and play around the house while you’re doing your tedious tasks.
In between your work, check:

  • Can you still feel your egg?
  • Can you move it?
  • Can you relax and still hold your egg?

This may also help you overcome any fears you might have of the egg dropping out while moving around and let you really know what you can do with your Jade Egg.

And if your lover happens to come home, he will certainly take notice the new full power of feminine magic.

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